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Our apologises, but at the moment we do not have any further seminars planned although we hope to schedule more dates later in the year. However, if you have any aspects of your marketing you would like to explore then just get in touch and we will be happy to discuss these further with you.

"Great, now who's doing the marketing?"

No matter how new, innovative or great you think your products or services are, it is a widely known fact that it is “marketing” which will ultimately make them a success.


In fact, history is littered with mediocre products and services that outsold better ones – it was all down to how they were marketed.

We created this seminar to help unravel the mysteries and debunk the myths of marketing. After attending our seminar you will be able to look critically at your own marketing and plan new campaigns that are much harder working and more cost-effective, ultimately delivering more successful sales of your products or services.

And if you choose to work with a marketing agency you will know how to write a brief that really gets the job done at a price you can afford, what questions to ask in order to select an agency you can be confident of looking after your interests, and you will be able to spot someone trying to pull the wool over your eyes a mile away!



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