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The Bright Red
Seminar Series

Our free seminars run every month and unravel the mysteries and debunk the myths of marketing helping you to make your marketing and advertising campaigns harder working and more cost-effective.

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Red Splash Marketing - Strategy, Product to Market, Advertising Marketing Consultancy, Strategy and Execution - Access the resources, the people, the reach and the expertise and uncover cost effective ways to grow your business within an affordable budget. Product to Market - Whatever stage you are at in the process of taking your idea or product to market we have the services, experience and expertise to ensure the rest of your journey is a success. Advertising - Our creative skills enable the development of the powerful advertising your company and its products need in order to truly stand out and be famous within the markets in which you are competing.

Marketing might make a difference but when it's done intelligently it is guaranteed to always make a difference.


Whatever business you're in, sitting back and expecting success is not an option, but with Red Splash as part of your team you will have taken the first step in starting something big.